Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Craft Honored with “Heroes Among Us” Award


Magee- Peoples Bank is pleased to recognize our very own Jennifer Craft. Jennifer was chosen as a “Heroes Among Us” recipient by the Celebrating Hope™ Foundation. Jennifer has served as a dedicated volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for eight years. She has given countless hours to a cause she was passionate about; all this, even before her own personal diagnosis of Stage 3 Melanoma, in 2009. Jennifer is a survivor. She fought and won her personal battle and is currently in remission. However, her passion and dedication to help others just grew stronger.
In August 2011, she joined Celebrating Home, a Christian-based company that offers fundraising through home and garden products. This allowed Jennifer to participate more in fundraising and provide those monies for the Relay for Life. When the company offered an additional 5% in commission, she also donated that back to the Relay for Life. Celebrating Home quickly realized that Jennifer was a perfect recipient for their “Heroes Among Us” award. Her selfless dedication, generous heart, and loving spirit were exactly what the award was created to celebrate.
As an honoree, Jennifer was given $1000, which she chose to donate to the local chapter of Susan G. Komen foundation.

• Jennifer Craft headshot attached
• Group Photo attached:
Pictured are (L-R):
Debbie Walker, Peoples Bank Branch Officer; Jennifer Craft, “Heroes Among Us” Honoree; Catherine Young, Interim Executive Director of Central MS Steel Magnolias Susan G. Komen Foundation; Glenda Grayson, HealthTrust Executive Director; Cindy Watkins, HealthTrust Grant Administrator

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