Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Peoples Bank recognized as Top SBA Lender for Small Business Association loan activity in Mississippi

Peoples Bank partnered with SBA in 1989 to help Mississippian’s start, build and grow businesses.  Twenty-seven years later, 642 small businesses have been able to grow and develop because of this partnership.  Peoples Bank continues to receive outstanding awards for their commitment and dedication to helping grow local small businesses. SBA executives presented the award recently at the Mississippi event held in Jackson.
Janita Stewart, SBA District Director, commented, “Congratulations again…Peoples Bank really makes a difference in entrepreneurial development and contributes to the growth of small businesses in our state.”
Pictured are (L-R): Janita Stewart, SBA District Director; Linda Lowe, Peoples Bank SBA Lending Assistant; Kim Welch, Peoples Bank Poultry Loan Assistant; Jason Smith, Peoples Bank Poultry Lending Officer; Gary Reed, SBA Deputy Director. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Platinum Club visits Columbus, MS

Spring had made its appearance on March 23 when 30 Simpson County travelers arrived in Columbus for a day in the historic east Mississippi city.  The trip was sponsored by Peoples Bank Platinum Club.
The first stop was the Tennessee Williams Welcome Center for the City of Columbus.  This restored Victorian residence was the first home of the Pulitzer-winning playwright who wrote Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and a number of other dramas that reflect his southern heritage.
After orientation to the city’s history and attractions, a tour of two of the city’s many antebellum homes followed.
Columbus is unique in that most of its 650 historic homes are occupied by their owners, rather than being museum homes used only for public tours and events.  The owners of both the stately Whitehall, a Greek Revival townhouse, and Rosedale, spoke to the group about living in the historic mansions.
Rosedale’s owner personally escorted the tour group through that Italianate mansion, built c. 1856.  It contains what is considered some of the finest examples of period antiques in the country.  Though the home’s private spaces have been adapted for modern living, its public spaces have been restored as nearly as possible to their pre-Civil War appearance.
Lunch at Harvey’s Restaurant gave the Simpson County group time to visit with the step-on guide for the day, a Columbus native who is an expert on the history of this city whose site on the Tombigbee River was first mentioned in the writings of Hernando de Soto in 1540.
The group learned that during the Civil War, Columbus maintained an arsenal that made gunpowder and weapons and was known as a hospital city for wounded troops.  For those reasons, it was strongly defended by General Nathan Bedford Forrest.  As a result, most of the city’s antebellum  homes were spared, and Columbus boasts a collection of homes second only to Natchez in size.
Rounding out the day, the group made a driving tour of well-known city sites such as Friendship Cemetery, where Memorial Day began; MUW, the first public college for women in America; and Historic Downtown Columbus, a premier example of the Main Street Mississippi program.
Peoples Bank Platinum club’s next trip is a seven-day motorcoach adventure to Washington, D. C., and Williamsburg, Va., departing from Magee on May 10 and returning May 16.  For information on the trip, Platinum Club membership or activities, contact Oliver McLean, Platinum Club director, at 601-832-1732 or Abbie Patrick at Peoples Bank, 601-849-2210.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Blanton Joins Peoples Bank as V.P. in Richland

    MAGEE – Dennis Ammann, President and Chief Executive Officer at Peoples Bank, today announced that John Blanton has accepted an offer to join the bank in its Richland Office, where he will serve as Vice President and Lending Officer.
    Blanton earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Alabama in 1997, where he was distinguished as both a Dean’s List and Presidental Scholar recipient. In 1998, he received a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Mississippi State University, also earning Business Honorary status.
    He began his banking career in 1998 with AmSouth Bank in Jackson. In 2001 he joined First Commercial Bank in Jackson, where he served as a Credit Analyst. Most recently, he has served as Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer for First Commercial Bank.
    The Florence resident has been active in the community, serving as a coach and past Board President of Florence Youth Baseball, and as past President of the Mid-Mississippi Risk Management Association.
    Blanton and his wife, Alison, have two children, Zach and Avery. They are members of First Baptist Church in Florence.
    “John brings to Peoples Bank an impressive history of achievement in the banking industry” said Ammann. “We are pleased that he has joined our bank and I know that both commercial and individual customers who utilize our Richland Office will benefit from his knowledge and his commitment to improving Rankin County.

Dunn Named Senior V.P. At Peoples Bank

Dennis Ammann, President and Chief Executive Officer at Peoples Bank, today announced that Christopher Dunn has been promoted to Senior Vice President. In his new role, Dunn will assume positions on both the Loan and Management Committees.
Dunn attended Co-Lin Community College where he earned an Associates of Arts degree in Business Administration and then attended the University of Southern Mississippi to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. He is a 2005 graduate of the Mississippi School of Banking, conducted at the University of Mississippi. In 2012, Dunn earned a Master of Business Administration degree from William Carey University. He also completed studies at the Southeastern School of Commercial Lending, held at Vanderbilt University; and the Graduate School of Banking, conducted at Louisiana State University. In 2013, he completed the National Commercial Lending School at Southern Methodist University.
In 2009, Dunn was named to the Top 40 Under 40 by the Mississippi Business Journal and in 2012 was an inductee to the Co-Lin Sports Hall of Fame.  He has also been active as a member of the Magee Chamber of Commerce, as Co-Chairman of the Future Leaders of Simpson County, the Co-Lin Board of Trustees and as President of the Simpson County Academy School Board.
Chris and his wife, Morgan, reside in Magee with their three children; Sawyer, Ava and Wyn.
“Chris goes to great lengths to help his customers and co-workers,” Ammann said. “His experience building relationships and helping customers grow their businesses join Peoples Bank’s goal of becoming the most impactful community bank in our area."

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Employees' Kids 2015 Christmas Coloring Contest Winners

Peoples Bank employees’ children participated in their very own Christmas Coloring Contest designed just for them.  A reception was held Wednesday, December 2nd, at the Magee branch to honor each winner.

This overall winner and recipient of a $100 Savings Account is Gabrielle Magee. Gabrielle is the 11 year old daughter of Ronney and Genise Magee. She attends 5th grade at Mendenhall Junior High. Congratulations to Gabrielle and all the winners.

2015 PB Kids Coloring Contest Winners
  1. Gabrielle Magee        11
  2. Jamie Lee            8
  3. Reagane Magee            8

11-12 Year Olds
  1. Sawyer Dunn            11

8-10 Year Olds
  1. Will Smith            9
  2. Elliot Rankin            10
  3. Weston Frye            10

5-7 Year Olds
  1. Jaylee Evans            6
  2. Thomas Jones            6
  3. Murray Rankin            7

4 and Under
  1. Bella Russell             4   
  2. Sam Wallace            4
  3. Will Rankin            4

Category Winners:

Best Use of Color                 Colton Wester            4
Best Christmas Spirit           Emma Grace Wallace        8
Best Choice of Subject        Ethan Durr            7
Best Design                         Wynn Dunn            5
Best Rising Artist                Damien Harvey        3
Most Artistic                        Ava Dunn            9
Most Unique                        Carter Russell            8
Most Expressive                  Kasey Lee            5

2015 Christmas Card Contest Winners

Peoples Bank is proud to announce the winners to our 2015 Christmas Card Contest.  We had hundreds of entries from Simpson, Smith, Rankin, and Covington counties participating this year. A reception was held on December 2nd to honor the winners and their families.
Special guest carolers featured the sweet voices of The Amason Girls from Mize. Each winner was presented a framed copy of their artwork and an award medal.
Congratulations to our overall winner, Alex Kemp.

Alex is the six-year-old son of Zack and Shelley Kemp of Magee. He is a first grader at Simpson Central School and attends Dry Creek Baptist Church.
In his free time, he enjoys playing baseball, riding his bike, drawing, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. Alex is a huge fan of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and the New Orleans Saints.  Alex will receive a $100 savings account and his drawing will be featured on the cover of Peoples Bank’s annual Christmas Greeting Card.

Overall Winners
1st Place: (cover)        Alex Kemp            SCS        6
2nd Place:            Jessie Wallace        SCA        11
3rd Place:            Danni Cooper        SCA        8       
Honorable Mention:    Lauren Bell Turnage    Mize        10
Honorable Mention:    Triestan Valdez        Mize        10

11-12 Year Old Winners
1st Place:            Kimberly Prine        Mt. Olive    12
2nd Place:            Trinity Amason        Homeschool    11
3rd Place:            Logan McGuire        SCA        11
Honorable Mention:        Wesley Boyd            SCA        11
Honorable Mention:        Tykhedrick Bridges        Collins    11

9-10 Year Old Winners
1st Place:            Emma Overstreet        SCA        10
2nd Place:            Emily Grace Amason    Homeschool    9
3rd Place:            Aryanna Daniels        Mt.Olive    9       
Honorable Mention:        Grace Anglin            Mize        10
Honorable Mention:        McKenzie Butler        SCA        10

7-8 Year Old Winners
1st Place:              Jondestry Gunter        Magee        8
2nd Place:            Bethany Amason        Homeschool    7
3rd Place:            Corey Sims, Jr.        Magee        8
Honorable Mention:        Cara Kennedy        Puckett    8
Honorable Mention:        Ashlynn May            Magee        7

5-6 Year Old Winners
1st Place:            Jack Ashmore        SCS        6
2nd Place:            Cooper Freeman        Mize        6
3rd Place:            Layla Blackwell        Mize        6
Honorable Mention:        Garnet Gary            SCS        6
Honorable Mention:        Fuller Kemp            Magee        5

4 and Under Winners
1st Place:            Elle McNulty            SCA        4
2nd Place:            Paisley Magee        SCA        4
3rd Place:            Bella Miller            SCA        4
Honorable Mention:        Nathan Womack        SCA        4
Honorable Mention:        Kyle Fuller            SCA        4

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top 5 Holiday Scams To Warn Your Users About

The Top 5 Holiday Scams To Warn Your Users About
CyberheistNews Vol #5 #49 Nov 17, 2015
Stu Sjouwerman This holiday season could be the most wonderful time of year for cyber criminals, according to digital identity company ThreatMetrix. In a new report, the firm reveals that it has detected a 25% jump in attacks.

1. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials

This time of year, online scams use a variety of lures to get unsuspecting buyers to click on links or open attachments. Bad guys build complete copies of well-known sites, send emails promoting great deals, sell products and take credit card information – but never deliver the goods. Sites that seem to have incredible discounts should be a red flag. Remember that when a "special offer" is too good to be true, it usually is. For instance, never click on links in emails or popups with very deep discount offers for watches, phones or tablets. Go to the website yourself through your browser and check if that offer is legit.

2. Complimentary Vouchers or Gift Cards

A popular holiday scam is big discounts on gift cards. Don't fall for offers from retailers or social media posts that offer phony vouchers or (Starbucks) gift cards paired with special promotions or contests. Some posts or emails even appear to be shared by a friend (who may have been hacked). Develop a healthy dose of skepticism and "Think Before You Click" on offers or attachments with any gift cards or vouchers!

3. Bogus Shipping Notices From UPS and FedEx

You are going to see emails supposedly from UPS and FedEx in your inbox that claim your package has a problem and/or could not be delivered. Many of these are phishing attacks that try to make you click on a link or open an attachment. However, what happens when you do that is that your computer gets infected with a virus or even ransomware which holds all your files hostage until you pay 500 dollars in ransom.

4. Holiday Refund Scams

These emails seem to come from retail chains or e-commerce companies such as Amazon or eBay claiming there's a "wrong transaction" and prompt you to click the refund link. However, when you do that and are asked to fill out a form, the personal information you give out will be sold to cyber criminals who use it against you.

5. Phishing on the Dark Side

A new phishing email has begun circulating that tricks people into thinking they could win movie tickets for the highly-anticipated film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," due out on Dec. 18. However, the email is a phishing attack. Leading up to the film’s release, and shortly after, you need to watch out for this social engineering attack and not fall for the scam. Stay safe online!

BONUS TIP: Never use an insecure public Wi-Fi to shop with your credit card. Only shop with a secure connection at home

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