Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Card Winners!

Peoples Bank Announces
2011 Christmas Card Winners

Peoples Bank is pleased to announce our 2011 Christmas Card Winners. A reception was held Wednesday, November 30th at the Magee branch to honor each winner. This has become a great tradition in our communities and a way to acknowledge and award talented young artists in Collins, Magee, Mendenhall, and Puckett.
This year’s overall winner and recipient of a $100 Savings Account, and the featured artist on the Peoples Bank Christmas Card is Hattie Grace Ashmore. Hattie Grace is the 9 year old daughter of Chad and Kristy Ashmore of Magee. She attends 4th grade at Magee Elementary School. Hattie Grace enjoys gymnastics, drawing, and playing
the piano.

Other winners include:
Overall Winners
1st Place: Hattie Grace Ashmore, Magee
2nd Place: Rosella Stewart, Mendenhall
3rd Place: Preston Franklin, Mendenhall
Honorable Mention: Alex Broadhead, Mendenhall
Honorable Mention: Macy Sones, Mendenhall

11-12 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Callie Slover, SCA
2nd Place: Sarah Berry, SCA
3rd Place: Hannah Holbrook, SCA
Honorable Mention: Garrett Gray, SCA
Honorable Mention: Alexis Bishop, Homeschool

9-10 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Kimora Leggett, Magee
2nd Place: Cameron Jones, Mendenhall
3rd Place: Emily Reed, Magee
Honorable Mention: Carly McInnis, Magee
Honorable Mention: Sadie Carrell, Mize

7-8 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Carlee Evans, SCA
2nd Place: Anna Magee, Magee
3rd Place: Treston Kemp, Magee
Honorable Mention: Olivia Douglas, SCA
Honorable Mention: Madi Tanner, Mize

5-6 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Kaitlin Butler, Mize
2nd Place: Matthew Ehrgott, Magee
3rd Place: Alexis Wheat, Mize
Honorable Mention: Malaiya Feazell, Collins
Honorable Mention: Gracelyn Kees, Mendenhall

4 & Under Winners
1st Place: Layla Warren, SCA
2nd Place: Adalina Mouravski, SCA
3rd Place: Denver Carter, SCA
Honorable Mention: Landon Barry, SCA
Honorable Mention: Braden Cole, SCA

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