Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Peoples Bank Employees' Kids 2016 Christmas Coloring Contest

Peoples Bank employees’ children participated in their very own Christmas Coloring Contest designed just for them.  A reception was held Wednesday, November 30th, at the Magee branch to honor each winner.
The overall winner and recipient of a $100 Savings Account is Emma Chain. Emma is the three year old daughter of Lance and Courtney Chain. Congratulations to Emma and all the winners.


Overall Best Drawing                                                         Emma Chain 
2nd Place:                                                                                Ava Dunn     
3rd Place:                                                                                Murray Rankin
2-4 Year Old Winners
1st Place:                                                                                 Ann Marie Blakeney
2nd Place:                                                                                Jackson Franklin
3rd Place:                                                                                Ridge Myers
5-7 Year Old Winners
1st Place:                                                                                 Jaylee Evans
2nd Place:                                                                                Bella Russell
3rd Place:                                                                                Wynn Dunn
8-10 Year Old Winners
1st Place:                                                                                 Carter Russell
2nd Place:                                                                                Reagane Magee
3rd Place:                                                                                Jamie Lee
11-12 Year Old Winners
1st Place:                                                                                 Elliot Rankin

Special Awards                                                
Best Use of Color:                                                                  Will Rankin
Best Christmas Spirit:                                                           Gift Magee
Most Imaginative:                                                                  Ethan Durr
Most Unique:                                                                         Colton Wester
Most Rising Artist:                                                                 Thomas Jones
Most Expressive:                                                                   Kasey Lee

2016 Christmas Card Winners

Peoples Bank is proud to announce the winners to our 2016 Christmas Card Contest.  We had hundreds of entries from Simpson, Smith, Rankin and Covington counties that participated this year. A reception was held at Peoples Bank in Magee on November 30th to honor the winners and their families.  Each winner was presented a framed copy of their artwork and an award medal.
Congratulations to our overall winner, Triestan Valdez. Triestan is the 11 year old son of Daniel and Jhuls Evans of Mt. Olive. He attends 5th grade at Mt. Olive Elementary School and enjoys reading, sketching and playing video games in his free time.

Triestan received a $100 savings account and his drawing will be featured on the cover of Peoples Bank’s annual Christmas Greeting Card.

Overall Winners
1st Place: (cover):     Triestan Valdez     Mt.Olive, 11
2nd Place:     Jack Ashmore     Simpson Central, 7
3rd Place:     McKenzie Butler     Mize, 11     
Honorable Mention:     Anacan Clark     Collins, 8
Honorable Mention:     Kaleigh Ghassemi     Simpson Central, 11

Age Group Winners
11-12 Year Old
1st Place:     Seth Troney- Mize, 12
2nd Place:     Ryan Craven- Collins, 11
3rd Place:      Morgan Pearce- Mt.Olive, 12
Honorable Mention:     Kara Barfoot- Puckett, 12
Honorable Mention:     Emily Grace Hoffman- Florence Middle, 12
9-10 Year Old
1st Place:     Molly M. Craft- Mize, 10
2nd Place:     Jake Butler- Mize, 9
3rd Place:     Anna Kate Adams- Seminary, 9
Honorable Mention:     Caitlin McCollum- Simpson Central, 10
Honorable Mention:     Adison Brooke King- Mize, 9

7-8 Year Old
1st Place:     Alex Kemp- Simpson Central, 7
2nd Place:     Kyra Moffett- Simpson Central, 7
3rd Place:     Kirkleigh Woolwine- Seminary, 8
Honorable Mention:     Tyler McGee- Florence Elementary, 8
Honorable Mention:     Abby Howard- Seminary, 7

5-6 Year Old
1st Place:     Hixson Hittle- Seminary, 6
2nd Place:     Elle McNulty- SCA, 5
3rd Place:     Logan Blackwell- Mize, 5
Honorable Mention:     Ayden Eisworth- Seminary, 6
Honorable Mention:     Jaylynn Glenn- Mize, 6

4 and Under Winners
1st Place:     Audrey Kemp- ABC, 3
2nd Place:     Kassidy Amason, FBC Taylorsville, 4
3rd Place:     Catherine Ann Hubbard- SCA, 4
Honorable Mention:     Ava Catherine Patterson- SCA, 4
Honorable Mention:     McKinley Barnard- SCA, 4

Peoples Bank donates $250 to Mt. Olive Elementary in honor of Triestan Valdez, Bank Christmas Card Contest Winner
Pictured are: Mt. Olive Elementary Principal, Rena Hilton; Christmas Card Contest Winner, Triestan Valdez; Peoples Bank AVP-Marketing, Ashley Jones

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