Friday, December 13, 2013

Stocking Stuffing

The Platinum Club got together and stuffed stockings for children at Blair E. Batson.

Friday, December 6, 2013

2013 Peoples Bank Kids Christmas Coloring Contest Winners

Peoples Bank employees’ children were allowed to participate in their very own Christmas Card Contest designed just for them.  Since the contest began 13 years ago, all employee children were not eligible to win. So in 2011, Peoples Bank created a special contest for children of employees. A reception was held Wednesday, December 4th, at the Magee branch to honor each winner.
This overall winner and recipient of a $100 Savings Account is Mollie Jones. Mollie is the 10 year old daughter of Kelly and Ashley Jones. She attends 5th grade at Simpson Academy.  Congratulations to Mollie and all the winners below:

Overall Best Drawing :Mollie Jones                                      
2nd Place: Hanna Grace Frye                                          
3rd Place: Elliot Rankin                                    

2-4 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Thomas Jones                                  
2nd Place: Kasey Lee                                          
3rd Place: Gift Magee
Honorable Mention: Wyn Dunn                         

5-7 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Reagan Magee                  
2nd Place: Weston Frye                    
3rd Place: Jamie Lee
Honorable Mention: Sophie Grubbs 

8-10 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Reagan Ishee                    
2nd Place: Sawyer Dunn                   
3rd Place: Mary Madelyn Grubbs
Honorable Mention: Gabbi Magee                     

11-12 Year Old Winners
1st Place: Blair Smith                        
2nd Place: Tori Williamson                                             

Special Awards                                                         
Best Use of Color: Carter Russell  
Best Christmas Spirit: Cole Welch                        
Best Choice of Subject Matter: Mary Margaret Rankin                                
Best Design: Seth Ammann  
Most Artistic: Maizy Fewell                                    
Most Imaginative: Will Smith                                         
Most Unique: Murray Rankin                                
Most Expressive: Chance Magee                                  
Most Realistic: Ava Dunn                            

2013 Christmas Card Contest Winners

Peoples Bank is proud to announce the winners to our 2013 Christmas Card Contest.  We had over 3000 entries from Simpson, Smith, Rankin, and Covington counties participating this year. The overall winner is Gracie Bowen.

Gracie is the daughter of Chris & Whitney Bowen and Melinda & Scott Everett.  She is the big sister to Charlye & Maylee Kate Bowen and Caden & Cass Everett. She is a 5th grader at Simpson Academy. Gracie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, drawing, dancing and playing sports. She is a member of Corinth Baptist Church where she is involved in children’s choir, G.A.’s and children’s ministries.  Gracie’s artwork and information will be featured on the cover of Peoples Bank’s annual Christmas Greeting Card.

Overall Winners:
1st Place & Cover Winner:  Gracie Bowen, SCA, 10
2nd Place: Kaitlin Butler, Mize, 8
3rd Place: Camden Stringer, M’hall, 9
Honorable Mention: Madelyn Bell, Mize,11
Honorable Mention: John Allbritton, M’hall, 10

11-12 Year Old Winners:
1st Place: Kristin Busby, SCA, 11
2nd Place: Jessie Magee, SCA, 11
3rd Place: Sabra Hubbard, SCA, 12
Honorable Mention: Hayden Cliburn, SCA, 11
Honorable Mention: Brooks Williams, SCA, 11

9-10 Year Old Winners:
1st Place: Mylie Magee, M’hall, 9
2nd Place: Trinity Amason, Mize, 9
3rd Place: Gillian Harrison, Mize, 10
Honorable Mention: Madi Ruth Mullins, SCA, 10
Honorable Mention: Carlee Evans, SCA, 10

7-8 Year Old Winners:
1st Place: Molly Craft, Mize, 7
2nd Place: Marissa Davis, SCA, 8
3rd Place: Emma Wallace, SCA, 8
Honorable Mention: Colin Jenkins, Mize, 8
Honorable Mention: Kamryn Fontaine, SCA, 8

5-6 Year Old Winners:
1st Place: Danil Pendleton, Collins, 6
2nd Place: Wesley Rhodes, Simpson Central, 6
3rd Place: Tamarah Green, Mize, 6
Honorable Mention: Aubrey Pardue, Puckett, 6
Honorable Mention: Logan Russell, Puckett, 6

4 and Under:
1st Place: Cannon McAlpin, SCA, 4
2nd Place: Fox Groover, SCA, 4
3rd Place: Maggie Duncan, SCA, 4
Honorable Mention: Will Duckworth, SCA, 4
Honorable Mention: Graham Davis, SCA, 4

Peoples Choice Award: Conner Middleton, M’hall, 7

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